Project Transaction Process

1. The project provider issues the project

2. Customer service will verify the project

3. There will be 20 days to bid for each project. The project provider could invite the project undertaker to participate in bidding, or the project undertaker looks for projects to participate in bidding.

4. The project provider selects a project undertaker and escrows the project funds within 48 hours according to the agreed plan . (Note: Here the development time and quotation provided by the project undertaker is regarded as the final result. Any modification, the final negotiated development time and project quotation should be modified by the project undertaker. Project provider shall confirm the quotation and development time, and then select the undertaker .

5. The project undertaker should deposit the funds and confirm to undertake project within 48 hours and then the project will officially get started.

6. The project undertaker will have 5 days to check and accept the project after the project is completed by project undertaker. If the provider does not take the initiative to confirm and accept the project but the whole cooperation does not have any disputes, the project will be automatically changed into completion status. The project funds will be transferred to the project undertaker's account 48 hours after completion.

7. After completion, the project provider and undertaker will make review for each other. (This rating is directly linked to the experience level of both sides.) If the review is not made within 15 days, the system will automatically give a good review.