Delivery Method

Only delivery in China is Available.

Each order is full of 500 yuan, you can enjoy the package mail (postal activities, the amount of the order of $300 can be mailed); if you do not meet the order of a single amount of mail conditions, the need to pay the corresponding freight;

For the domestic stock of orders, SUNAC core city delivery 1-2 working days after receipt of payment within, in the dispatch of the goods within 1 working days after the number of logistics to send SMS or email to you, please make sure that you fill in the order of the mobile phone and email is valid.

If the goods are overweight (the system default is 2KG less than the cost of freight), in order to avoid overweight problems which influence the speed of delivery, we will in this case take the default courier to continue to pay the delivery way, if you cannot do to pay the freight, please contact customer service representative for special treatment.

Under normal circumstances, we received the payment of 5-8 working days after delivery, if there are special circumstances, customer service will contact you.