Project release
* Project release methods

1. Go to the Home, click "I want to relaese a project" to release the project

2. Go to project provider center to release the project

* Illusive Projects

After the project is published successfully and its undertaker has been seleted, the project provider should escrows the project funds within 48 hours. If not, the project will be regarded as illusive.

And 60 experience values will be deducted every time; The project provider's account will be frozen and he or she will be forbidden to provide projects if similar behaviours happen three times.

* Communicate with project undertaker

After project undertaker participating in the bidding, the platform will inform the project provider of the information of the bidding party through the system message, sms, email and so on. You can take the initiative to communicate with the project undertaker. If the project undertaker's quotation and development time can not meet your expectation, you can try to negotiate with the project undertaker, discuss a quotation and development time agreed by both parties, and then designate him or her as your project undertaker.

Note: Make sure the project undertaker knows and agrees with all the terms before selecting he or she as the project undertaker and escrowing the project funds , and inform the undertaker to contract in time after escrowing the project funds.

* Project bid overtime

If there is no bidder for the project within 20 days, the system will consider it as the overtime status. In this status, the project provider will have three opportunities to release it again. If the project provider fails to select the bidder three times, the project will be considered as a failed bid and it can not be released again.