Returns and Replacement

The products listed on the website of the core city have already expressed the name of the supplier and the model of the product, please check the relevant information of the product model and the supplier. If the wrong model for their own reasons, the capital city will not accept the return of the core requirements. After the success of the single order, the city will be in accordance with the requirements of the core city of the order, arrange delivery.

After sales service conditions

You can apply returns or replacement for the wrong goods quantity or models within 3 working days after the receiving, late application will not be accepted. Product quality issues can be put forwarded within 2 weeks, and you should return the goods for negotiations with the original factory. Refunds will be processed on the 2nd working day following the original 3D / 8D report. It is not refundable if it is not a product quality issues.

Returned products,be sure to retain the integrity of the original packaging (including packaging, fillings) and to ensure that the good label is in good condition. The good label is the only credential for coordinating the return goods with suppliers, it cannot be returned if lost.

If applying for a refund with the product quality problems,customers need to provide detailed performance test report as a basis for consultation with the supplier. If necessary,a third-party English test report recognized by both sides shall be provided.

Orders that have been invoiced must return the invoice after the return request has been accepted.

After-sales service will not be accepted as follows:

The original package and labels of products are damaged or missing.

BCB supported bank:

Products that have been tested / used.

Over two weeks upon goods receipt (subject to the date signing for express delivery).

Invoice has lost.

Order by mistake due to self-reasons.

After - sales service

After-sales service, please call 400 863 0066 or contact customer service QQ, consulting our customer service staff about returns processing situation directly. Our customer service staff will process within two working days.