Invoice Notice

Dear customers, you will receive our formal invoice after your purchase in Digiic, please read this instruction carefully.

Invoice issue

Invoices will be issued and mailed together from Suzhou and Shanghai Financial Center. Please note that the invoice will not come together with your ordered products. Thank you very much for the understanding.

The amount of the invoice is subject to the amount actually paid.

We provide two kinds of invoices, VAT invoice (Normal ) (not deductible) and VAT invoice (Special ) (deductible) .

In order to improve operational efficiency and avoid the possible returns, generally the invoice will be issued 14 days after the delivery. The invoices will be sent out before 25th every

Please fill in the correct invoice mailing address, contact person and contact mobile phone number to ensure the accurate delivery of the invoice; if you do not fill in this, Digiic will take

VAT invoice

For those customers who do not have the general taxpayer verification, we will issue VAT invoice (Normal ) (not deductible).

When the invoice is issued, please refer to the header of the invoice for the invoice to be amended.

The Invoices will be sent by express delivery.

If the information of the VAT invoice(Normal) is in accordance with the information you filled in , once issued out, the invoice shall not be returned and changed.

VAT invoice (Special )

Please select the VAT invoice(Special ) , or the system will issue the VAT invoice (Normal ) by default.

To ensure the successful issue of VAT invoice(Special ), please check the information carefully while filling it on the order submission page, and upload the official sealed billing information in the Member Center - Member information - billing information. If the deduction is affected by the incorrect information you submitted which leads to the wrong invoice , we shall not take the responsibility.

The VAT invoice(Special ) will be sent to you upon the confirmation of goods receipt.

In order to enable customers to use VAT invoice(Special ) in a timely and effective manner, please fill in the company name, address, telephone number, bank and account number, invoice mailing address, and pay attention to that the filling content should be consistent with the tax information.

The name of the company must be the registered name of the business.

The company's address and telephone number are the addresses and phone numbers on your billing information.

Tax registration number is the number on your company "tax registration certificate", usually 15 figures, please check the input carefully.

It is required to fill in the name and account of the bank of deposit. Not a single one can be omitted.


If you fill in the error information which leads to the failure of the issuance of "VAT invoice(Special )", we will automatically issue the VAT invoice (Normal ) for you and once normal invoice issued, it will not be returned or changed .

The VAT invoice(Special ) is issued according to the information you entered, without affecting the authentication deduction, our company will not accept the requirement of reissuance of VAT invoice(Special ).

Friendly reminder

If you have any questions about the above billing information, please consult your company's financial staff.

If you have not received the invoice within 30 days upon receipt of the goods, please contact our customer service staff in time; if you do not contact us over 90 days (from the date of your order), we will not reissue the invoice for the invoiced order.

The "goods(labor)name ”in the invoice will be issued as "electronic components "by default ;“Model specifications" will be issued in accordance with actual order ,no special invoice requirement contrary to actual transaction shall be accepted.

Invoice exchange and return

If the information of the invoice you received is inconsistent with your input information, please contact our customer service, Tel: 400 863 0066, we will immediately replace the correct invoice for you.